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Valentine's Day Gifts 2004 Australia Mardi Gras 2014 Sydney Harbour 2014 Paul and Ed on Pride Boat 2004 Chillin in Hotel Jacuzi Surf Naked Cruizin in the Jeep 2011 Christmas Party at Air Space Musem 2011 Paul and Ed at Barboursville Vineyards Paul and Edward Paul Layin on Beach in Bahamasas Paul Hangin 10 at Universal Studios Paul Cruizin the Island Paul Havin a Beer at Grand Bahamasas Paul Campin at Dolly Sods Paul on Oakcrocke Ferry Paul on Top of Skyline Drive Paul Snorkelin the Ocean Just One More...hic Paul SnowTubin at Massanutten Paul Waterin the Flowers Paul and Sandra at Fredericksburg River Paul in Front of Jeep Paul and Sandra Hikin Cadeon Park Valentine's Day Gifts 2008 Watchin the Crowd at DC Pride 2008 Ready for the Slide of Life Chillin at Westmoreland Beach Playin in Snow Storm 2009 Paul and Sandra at George Washington Birthplace Beach Playin at Kings Domion 2010 Enjoyin Internet Cafe in Backyard 2011 Paul with a DC Police Boy Friend at Pride Parade 2011 Paul Cruzin in his Jeep 2011 Capt. Kirk here to Fly U Away in the Shuttle Paul was Knock-Out Guy to Sydney Australia Mates Private Cruise to the Australia Outback Hangin outside the SkyTower in Sydney Australia Trip for Ed's B-day Private Pinic with Waterfall at Palm Beach Paul's First Seaplane Trip to Palm Beach Australia Mates in Sydney

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