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HawK laying on Rail HawK at DC Pride Festival 2003 HawK showin some backside Ed and Andy Jeep on NC Beach Ed and Kids showin some butt Ed Backpackin with Style Ed eatin a drum stick at Rennassance fair Ed in Bubbles in Tub Ed in Dive Gear for Flordia Springs Ed on skies at top of slope Ed sitting on Rail at Great Falls Va Ed standin on ice pack in the river Ed wavin underwater Ed with Dragon Tatto Ed on ridge of Dolly Sods HawK handlin the Cow in New York City HawK on top of Daniel dam HawK Four-Wheelin at Point Lookout Hawk at Richmond Fair 2002 Ed with Dragon Tatto on his back Ed with Dragon Tatto Spray-Painted On Ed Waterin the Garden Ed Walkin with Sandy in Snow Storm 2009 Ed Chillin with Sandy at George Washington Birthplace Beach Ed Hangin our at DC Mall 2010 Ed Givin Sandra a Kiss in Backyard 2011

Designed by: Edward Ott